Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tune in!! July 9...Channel 9....9pm

Just saw on the website that Channel 9 is doing a piece on a Wisconsin puppy mill, as well as the puppy / kitten mill bill. Be sure to tune in!

Monday, June 22, 2009

House Party / Fundraiser for Cam Gordon

Passed on to me from Christine Coughlin of MN Voters for Animal Protection. Attend if you're interested!

Come to our house party to meet and support Cam Gordon, Minneapolis City Council Member, Ward 2 ------------ Meet Cam, mingle with friends and like-minded people, and enjoy a few snacks as we support Cam Gordon for his reelection this fall to the Minneapolis City Council. Cam has been a terrific, humane voice on the council, and he deserves our support.

When: Thursday, June 25Time: 5:30-7pm
Where: Home of Christine Coughlin and Erik Wyckoff2615 34th Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55406
What: Party and fundraiser for Cam Gordon (please feel free to come even if you’re unable to donate or unable to donate much)
Who: Families, neighbors, and supporters from around the cities are welcome RSVP not required but appreciated. RSVP or questions to Christy at or call 612-644-9176. There will be snacks and toys for kids so if you’ve got children feel free to bring them. Let’s all help make sure Cam can continue the great work he’s done so far. Hope to see you there! Feel free to pass this invitation along to others you know who may be interested.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Governor Pawlenty Vetos Cocoa Bean Mulch Warning Legislation

Last Friday, Governor Pawlenty vetoed legislation that would have required retailers of cocoa bean mulch to post warning signs alerting potential buyers of the mulch's potentially dangerous affect on pets. In a letter announcing the veto, Governor Pawlenty called the legislation "well intended" but was also concerned with its "legislative overreach."

Even though the bill will not be signed into law, it's a good opportunity to remind everyone that cocoa bean mulch can be very dangerous to our pets! According to an article published by the AVMA, while the odds of a pet dying from ingesting the mulch are low, it's still a good idea to avoid using the mulch in areas assessable to unsupervised dogs. And, it's important to contact a veterinarian if you suspect your dog has ingested the mulch.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bauck Sentancing Postponed - There's still time for you to voice your opinon!

As you may already know, Kathy Bauck, was convicted of four misdemeanors (3 for animal cruelty, 1 for torture). Sentancing was to have taken place last week, but was postponed until May 1.

Please consider drafting a letter to the judge asking for the strictest sentencing possible. Letters can be sent to the judge requesting that a strong sentence be imposed.
Honorable Judge Waldemar Senyk
121 West Junius Avenue, Suite 310
Fergus Falls, MN 56537
Fax: 218-998-8414 (a fee of $25 is charged)
Email: does not accept emails
Case #56-CR08-2271
Please be respectful, brief and professional in your writing, as this will better support animal protection efforts.

For more information on Ms. Bauck's facility, guilty verdict, and to see undercover video of the facility, click here.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pit bull=hero

Check out this video about a pit bull who helped police capture a robber. It's not everyday you hear a pit bull referred to as a hero!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

End Pound Seizure in Minnesota

Did you know there is a law on the books in Minnesota that allows licensed institutions to seize animals left for more than five days in publicly-funded facilities? That’s right, if your pet were to end up at, say, an animal control facility and you were unable to claim your four-legged friend within five days, the animal control facility is legally required to turn it over to a licensed institution requesting the animal.

The good news is that there are ways you can prevent this from happening to you

  • The law also prohibits institutions from seizing animals with identification indicating that the animal cannot be made available for research. Click here to see an example.
  • Sign the petition asking legislators to end pound seizure
  • Visit to learn more about this issue.

Puppy / Kitten Mill BIll Update

The Puppy / Kitten Mill bill did not make it out of committee before the deadline, so this year, we won’t see puppy / kitten mill legislation. While this is certainly not the news we were hoping for, a lot of progress was made during this session. Even though H.F. 253 did not have enough votes to make it out of committee, it remains “laid on the table” (a fancy way of saying set aside for possible further discussion). That means next year, we can pick up where we left off.

In the meantime, let’s keep this issue alive! There are things you can do to help ensure the bill passes next year.

  • Educate everyone! Bring this topic up in conversation with friends, family, co-workers, anyone you feel comfortable talking to. Many people are unaware inhumane breeders, and the horrible conditions cats and dogs find themselves in.
  • Encourage adoption! If you know people interested in a cat or dog, be sure to remind them of the many homeless cats and dogs in need of a home. There are a number of rescue organizations (many specializing in certain breeds), and even the pickiest people can find their next pet through adoption.
  • Contact your legislators! Everyone who’s in the legislature now, will be there in 2010 (and many will be up for re-election!). Remind them of the importance of this issue.

    Visit to learn more about the fate of H.F. 253 / S.F. 7 and to stay educated on puppy and kitten mills.